Simplify Tasks and Improve the Performance of Your Field Sales Team

Limited time to focus on sales

With a traditional CRM, over 50% of the working day can be spent reporting activities

Excessive reporting

Sales directors spend an average of 3 hours per day collating information from their teams

Wasted time

Improve your team's results by freeing up more time for them to dedicate to sales. What are you waiting for?

Benefits for your field sales team

Discover ForceManager, the sales accelerator that understands your needs

Información veraz y actualizada
El uso de la app facilita el reporte automático lo que te da acceso inmediato a la actividad real de tus vendedores.

Estrategia de ventas exitosa
Si eliminas el tiempo destinado en reunir datos porque los tienes de forma automática, podrás focalizarte en analizar cómo se está vendiendo para dar solución a posibles problemas.

Incremento de la conversión a ventas del equipo
Tienes más tiempo, úsalo para acompañar a tus vendedores en sus reuniones y ayúdales a cerrar la cuenta.

sales rep only spends an average of 20% of their working day speaking with clients and prospects

You might think it's too good to be true when you first give it a go. But we can assure you that ForceManager has exceeded all our expectations

James Taylor

Sales and Marketing Director at Bare Metal Standard

AI applications for sales teams

FM Cognitive: we have partnered with IBM Watson to deliver a revolutionary new CRM system.

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Benefits for you as the manager

Lead your field sales team with personalized goals

An innovative target system with a guaranteed results-based strategy.

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1st mobile CRM designed for iOS 11

Take a look at how the new features of Apple’s latest mobile operating system bring a new meaning to sales efficiency.

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Find out how ForceManager helps sales teams enhance their sales results

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Reconocimiento de voz y Check-in
Reporte de todas visitas en menos de 10''

Interfaz claro y sencillo
Tu equipo sabrá el estado de cualquier cuenta. ¿Está atendida? ¿He enviado el presupuesto? ¿Se ha hecho seguimiento?

Acceso inmediato y sin conexión
El fácil acceso a la información les permite prepararse mejor y en menor tiempo las citas con prospectos o clientes

Informes útiles y relevantes
Cada vendedor tendrá el detalle de su rendimiento y dará respuesta a preguntas cómo: ¿He llamado lo suficiente? ¿He realizado las reuniones previstas? ¿Qué % del pipeline he cerrado?

Intuitive and user-friendly interface

Real-time analysis of sales rep activity based on automated reporting

Complete visibility of all commercial activities

Reports updated in real-time

Real-time analysis of sales rep activity based on automated reporting

Intuitive and user-friendly interface

Complete visibility of all commercial activities

Reports updated in real-time

Traditional CRM systems force sales reps to spend too much time focused on administrative tasks.

  • Automated check-in for visits

Thanks to its geolocation and voice-recognition features, field sales reps are able to manage and update sales funnel activity in a matter of seconds.

  • Simple and user-friendly interface

Your team members can view the status of any account. Has someone already responded to the client? Have they been sent a quote? Has the quote been followed up?

  • Immediate offline access to data

Immediate access to data helps your sales reps ensure they are prepared for their meetings with current and potential clients, in a fraction of the time.

  • Useful and relevant reports

Each sales rep is given a breakdown of their performance which helps them address common queries: Have I called them enough? Did they attend the previous meeting? Have I improved my pipeline management?

  • Genuine real-time data

The app provides automated reporting so you have immediate access to all your sales rep's activities.

  • An efficient sales strategy

Thanks to automation, you'll spend less time gathering data and more time analyzing sales and identifying potential areas for improvement.

  • Enhance your team's sales results

With ForceManager, you'll have more time on your hands. Why not use it to join your sales reps in the field and help them close more sales?

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“When the guys who’ve tested the unit say this software is the best one that we’ve seen, I tell you what - when you get buy-in like that, you take it!”

Josh Schouten 

General Manager of New Truck for RWC Group

ForceManager helps your sales team focus their efforts on making new sales and improving overall results. 

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Simplifica tareas y mejora los resultados de tu fuerza de ventas

Is your sales team 100% focused on sales?